Why Not Google?

Google is one of the biggest and most important companies on the Internet. With a dominant position in both the search and advertising markets, the company is perfectly positioned to not only become the world’s biggest tech company but also to keep Microsoft and Apple down as the industry continues its push toward the cloud. And by offering unique services that simply do a better job than most, Google has continued to attract millions of users, and in the process, profit heavily. But maybe sticking with Google’s Apps by virtue of the fact that the search giant is the obvious choice isn’t such a good idea any longer. There are alternatives on the Web that do a fine job of delivering a Google-like service that are just as rewarding as the real thing. Furthermore, given Google’s recent privacy troubles, making that switch from the company’s Web services to other products could be easier than ever.

The Power Problem


One of the top reasons why some folks would want to ditch Google’s Web services in favor of alternatives is to cut down on the amount of power the company wields on the Internet. For years, customers griped that Microsoft was too big and powerful, causing other companies and even customers to play by the software giant’s rules. Nowadays, Microsoft has lost its position as the dominant force in tech and Google is quickly taking over. If consumers and enterprise customers don’t want to see history repeat itself, opting for Google alternatives to stymie the search company’s growth might be a good idea.